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Physics News Feeds for Friday July 23, 2021

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Elephant, Bat, and Squid
July 23, 2021

Elephant, Bat, and Squid Sprawling emission nebulae IC 1396 and Sh2-129 mix glowing interstellar gas and dark dust clouds in this 10 degree wide field of view toward the northern constellation Cepheus the King. Energized by its bluish central...

Scientific American Physics Feed (Top 5 items)

  1. China Is Pulling Ahead in Global Quantum Race, New Studies Suggest (Thu Jul 15 7:00 am)
    The competition between the U.S. and China over development of quantum technology has implications for both the future of science and the two countries’ political relations -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  2. Star Trek's Warp Drive Leads to New Physics (Tue Jul 13 5:45 am)
    Researchers are taking a closer look at this science-fiction staple—and bringing the idea a little closer to reality -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  3. Plasma Particle Accelerators Could Find New Physics (Mon Jul 12 8:00 am)
    The next big collider will likely rely on novel technology -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  4. Highest-Energy Particles Yet Arrive from Ancient Crab Nebula (Thu Jul 8 2:15 pm)
    Astronomers have observed record-breaking photons that strain classical theories of acceleration -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
  5. Electrons Can Form Bizarre 2-D 'Flatland' in Superconductor (Tue Jul 6 5:45 am)
    This property could reveal new secrets of superconductivity -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

PhysicsWorld Headline News (Top 5 items)

  1. Physicists beat Lorentz reciprocity for microwave transmission (Thu Feb 22 8:27 am)
    New device could boost telecommunications and be adapted for photonics
  2. Japan's SuperKEKB set for first particle collisions (Wed Feb 21 8:45 am)
    Revamped accelerator will soon be smashing electrons and positrons together
  3. Wood-based 'supermaterial' is stronger and tougher than steel (Wed Feb 21 8:10 am)
    New material is made by compressing treated wood
  4. Three photons bind together to make a ?molecule? of light (Tue Feb 20 10:06 am)
    Technique could be used to create quantum-information systems
  5. Nuclear excitation by electron capture seen at long last (Tue Feb 20 7:55 am)
    Breakthrough could lead to new type of energy source

EurekaAlert Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Sciences News (Top 5 items)

  1. UTA researcher explores 3D printing of multilayered materials for smart helmets (Thu Jul 22 11:00 pm)
    (University of Texas at Arlington) A mechanical and aerospace engineering professor at The University of Texas at Arlington is developing advanced helmets to ensure that members of the military are as protected as possible from blasts and other...
  2. UC San Diego receives $35 million in state funding for new coastal research vessel (Thu Jul 22 11:00 pm)
    (University of California - San Diego) California legislators have allocated UC San Diego $35 million to design and build a new coastal research vessel with a first-of-its-kind hydrogen-hybrid propulsion system. The new vessel, which will be...
  3. Neuroscientists posit that brain region is a key locus of learning (Thu Jul 22 11:00 pm)
    (Picower Institute at MIT) Long thought of as a generic alarm system, the locus coeruleus may actually be a sophisticated regulator of learning and behavior, according to a new review by MIT researchers. They will test this hypothesis with...
  4. Cascaded metasurfaces for dynamic control of THz wavefronts (Thu Jul 22 11:00 pm)
    (SPIE--International Society for Optics and Photonics) As reported in Advanced Photonics, researchers from Shanghai University and Fudan University developed a general framework and metadevices for achieving dynamic control of THz wavefronts....
  5. Bio-based coating for wood outperforms traditional synthetic options (Thu Jul 22 11:00 pm)
    (Aalto University) Researchers at Aalto University have used lignin, a natural polymer abundant in wood and other plant sources, to create a safe, low-cost and high-performing coating for use in construction. As there is a global urge to meet...

EurekaAlert Space & Planetary Science News (Top 5 items)

  1. China's carbon-monitoring satellite reports global carbon net of six gigatons (Thu Jul 22 11:00 pm)
    (Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) About six gigatons -- roughly 12 times the mass of all living humans -- of carbon appears to be emitted over land every year, according to data from the Chinese Global Carbon Dioxide...
  2. Dalian Coherent Light Source reveals strong isotope effects in photodissociation of water isotopolog (Thu Jul 22 11:00 pm)
    (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy Sciences) Scientists revealed strong isotope effects in photodissociation of the water isotopologue (HOD) using the Dalian Coherent Light Source.
  3. $1M NASA grant to improve carbon monitoring in East Africa (Wed Jul 21 11:00 pm)
    (Cornell University) Cornell University researchers will develop the first high-resolution carbon monitoring system for East Africa that combines "bottom up" ecological modeling with "top down" satellite data, thanks to a three-year, $1 million...
  4. Gaming graphics card allows faster, more precise control of fusion energy experiments (Wed Jul 21 11:00 pm)
    (University of Washington) University of Washington researchers have developed a method that uses a gaming graphics card to control plasma formation in their prototype fusion reactor.
  5. InSight mission: Mars unveiled (Wed Jul 21 11:00 pm)
    (CNRS) Using information obtained from around a dozen earthquakes detected on Mars by the Very Broad Band SEIS seismometer, developed in France, the international team of NASA's InSight mission has unveiled the internal structure of Mars. The...

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