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This is the blog for Juan Cabanela, an associate professor of Physics and Astronomy at Minnesota State University Moorhead. I am not big into trying to espouse my opinions online for the very simple reason that outside the realm of astrophysics, I am not confident my opinion would be terribly more well informed than other people.

This doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions on the issues of the day, in fact, I do. I just think its very likely other people will express those opinions at least as clearly as I would (if not more so). If the issue is important enough, I will express myself to my members of Congress on occasion, so much so I actually set up a website over a decade ago for Contacting the Congress. But that website, like this site, will be publicly apolitical for the most part, focused instead on information rather than opinion.

At least initially, this blog has restricted itself to pretty geeky content. I have focused mostly on posting solutions to issues I run across in teaching or research, notably the issues I have had getting astronomical software to run on Apple Macintoshes. Since Macs are quickly becoming the standard desktop in astronomy, I hope a few other people can benefit from my painful discoveries. And if I eventually get into expressing opinions on teaching or astronomy online, I assure you, I’ll try to keep them somewhat informed ones.

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