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Scisoft OSX 2011.4.1beta available and IRAF as a package install from STScI!

Posted on May 24, 2011 by Juan

New version of Scisoft OSX 64-bit beta available

I just noticed today that, over a month ago, Nor Pirzkal placed a new beta of the 64-bit SciSoft OSX online here.  I have not had as much joy with the 64-bit version of IRAF as with the older ones.  That said, this version of SciSoft OSX doesn’t install over the old 32-bit version, so a simple edit of your start up files can allow you to switch between the two versions.

I backed up the old version of scisoft using the command line

sudo mv /usr/local/scisoft /usr/local/scisoft_old

and then I installed this version

sudo tar -C / -xzvf scisoft.current.tar.gz

(you may not need to ‘sudo’ if you have write permission for /usr/local).  I’ll report back if anything interesting changes.  The CONTENTS file only noted that ncftp 3.2.5 had been added.  Not sure why an FTP client was added unless it was needed by some other package.

One note is that I have been experimenting with Enthought’s Python Distribution and have it over-riding the python packages installed by the Scisoft OSX installation, so I may have to play around a bit to get PyRAF working again.  Or I may drop SciSoft OSX altogether (since its Python interferes with Enthought).

STScI makes MacOS X Package Installer version of IRAF available

In the process of looking at PyRAF, I was pleasantly surprised to find that STScI now has a package installer available for installing IRAF+STSDAS/TABLES and all the corresponding files needed for STSCI Python in a single click.  It is only for 64-bit Macs.  I will have to look this over in the future, but it apparently installs everything in /usr/scisoft so it will not collide with anything. However, it also requires a new installation of gfortran which I already know can break my PGPLOT installation.

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