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Scisoft OSX 2009.9.1 released

Posted on September 16, 2009 by admin

Nor Pirzkal has released a minor update to Scisoft OSX. He states in his blog that:

This version should fix a few outstanding bugs in version 2009.6.1. People running on case sensitive file system will hopefully stopped having problems. This version otherwise upgrades a few minor packages as described in the NEWS and CONTENTS files.

This version requires OSX Intel 10.5.x or higher. It also works fine with OSX 10.6.0 and OSX 10.6.1.

From reviewing the CONTENTS file distributed with the install, the major changes from the previous version as as he indicated, quite minor. They include:

  • The following Python packages were updated:
    • matplotlib 0.99 (upgraded from version
    • pyraf 1.8 (upgraded to the current release version from version 1.7.1)
    • pygsl 0.9.4 (upgraded from version 0.9.3)
    • mxDateTime 3.1.2 was added to the distribution. Adds certain useful date manipulation functions to the python installation.
    • pysao 2.1.8 was added to the distribution. This appears to add direct XPA communication capability between python scripts and SAOImage DS9.
  • The gsl library was update from version 1.11 to 1.13.
  • [From NEWS file] Changed ds9 [command line] unix version a [symbolic] link from an alias. I noticed the SAOImage DS9 website currently says “Note: the next release of DS9, version 5.7, will be available October 15th.”
  • [From NEWS file] Fixed references to “packages” to “Packages” in Setup scripts

The glitches I have noticed in this distribution

  • As with previous versions, the installer for Scisoft OSX (due to bugs, apparently in Apple’s installer.app) changes the ownership of /Applications after the install. I would run Disk Utility and Fix the Permissions on your root volume after installing Scisoft OSX.
  • [Added Sept. 23] Gordon Richards and I have have been investigating some serious annoyances with the python installation on Snow Leopard in this version of SciSoft OSX.
    1. First of all, the installer apparently doesn’t install /Applications/scisoft/i386/Packages/Python-2.5.4/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/Resources/Python.app/ when running on Snow Leopard. This directory contains the python executable. Therefore, in the new SciSoft OSX on Snow Leopard, you can’t run python from the clean install. If you manually copy this directory from the previous SciSoft OSX installation to this one, then I find you can run python again (or in my case, pyraf). I can confirm this directory is apparently installed under Leopard.
    2. On Snow Leopard, Gordon Richards discovered that if you attempt ‘import pylab’ in python, you get a bus error. I can confirm the same error occurs on my Snow Leopard machine using either this SciSoft OSX release or the previous one. Furthermore, I can confirm the error DOES NOT occur in Leopard. I am not a heavy Python user, so I will leave it to Gordon, Nor, and others to investigate this issue. Gordon notes that this blog posting contains instructions for getting pylab installed under a vanilla Snow Leopard install, in case you need them.

The current version of Scisoft OSX is available for download from the Scisoft OSX website, but I have made the package available on my Scisoft OSX mirror as well, in case it is faster for people.

2 to “Scisoft OSX 2009.9.1 released”

  1. Hello. I recently switched to MAC (i.e. bought a new one) I'm a research scientist on astrophysics and I nead python for some part of my work. Since I switched to MAC OS recently I have no older version of scisoft, i.e. can not copy the Python.app from the older version. can you maybe the files needed to get python run available for me. Thanks very much
  2. admin says:
    Try the new Scisoft 2009.10.1, it isn't missing that particular Python package (it is shipped as a tarball).

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