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X11 Updated, but requires unavailable OS X release!

Posted on April 24, 2009 by Juan

I just noticed that the XQuartz folks released X11 2.3.3, but when I attempted to install it, it said I needed Mac OS 10.5.7 installed, which hasn’t been released yet. I have confirmed this on the release notes page. The full release notes seem to describe to major changes, updated support for OpenGL and some bug fixes regarding Caps Lock and mouse tracking.

Interestingly, the XQuartz wiki notes that

[MacOS] 10.5.7 updates the X11 server to match what shipped with 2.3.2. Most of the userland, however, only saw security updates. The version reported by X11 in 10.5.7 is 2.1.6 to distinguish it from the 2.3.x series which contains a much newer userland.

I have the feeling that the update to MacOS 10.5.7 will be released very soon now.

[UPDATE: In fact, it took almost two weeks, but MacOS 10.5.7 was released on Tuesday, May 12, 2009.]

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