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X11 for Leopard now supporting Full Screen

Posted on March 30, 2009 by Juan

There are some older school astronomers on Macs who cut their teeth on Linux and as such really prefer the full-screen X-Windows display for running astronomical data reductions. This way of running X11 has been unavailable since MaxOS 10.5 (which switched from X11 code bases). Well, to quote Macros Huerta’s MacSingularity Blog:

Well, I’m way late to the game on this, but our long national nightmare is over – Xquartz for Leopard support full screen!

The Xquartz folks latest edition of Xquartz (version includes full-screen support. Now, personally, I like the way X11 integrates with Aqua, but for those who prefer to use only one windowing system at a time, you can now do it on MacOS X Leopard. You can download it here.

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