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SAOImage DS9 5.3 released (fixes Leopard Firewall issues)

Posted on October 15, 2008 by Juan

The folks at the SAO have finally released a version of SAOImage DS9 (version 5.3) that plays well with the current version of the MacOS Firewall (as of MacOS 10.5.5) . Here are the links to the downloadable Mac-related SAOImage files

To quote the release notes on the SAOImage DS9 website, the changes in the newly released version 5.3 are

Regions: Regions now support a centroid function. The centroid function can be manually invoked or regions can automatically snap to a centroid when moved or edited. Regions now have a DASH line property.

Colorbar: Now supports a vertical colorbar layout option, via the View Menu. Users can configure the font type and size of the colorbar, via the View Menu.

GUI: Now supports a vertical button bar, when in vertical layout mode.

Aqua MacOSX 10.5 firewall: The MacOSX Aqua 10.5 Leopard port of DS9 can be used with the MacOSX 10.5 firewall enabled.

X11 MacOSX 10.5: There are now two versions available for X11 MacOSX 10.5 Leopard. The non-firewall version is recommended for all unless you wish to enable the 10.5 firewall. [Juan’s Note: While not stating this, they mean specifically the application-specific version of the MacOS firewall. See my notes on this problem here.] In that case, please use the firewall enabled version. Please note: this version consist of 2 files, ds9 and ds9.zip. It is very important that ds9.zip be placed in the same directory as the ds9 binary at all times.

Contours: Contours now have a DASH line option.

I have previously posted notes for integrating upgrades of DS9 into the Scisoft OS X installation and they still work just fine except that newer releases of Scisoft OS X place the binaries in /Applications/scisoft/i386/bin/ instead of /scisoft/i386/bin/ and if you are installing the X11 binary that is compatible with the firewall, you have to install both the ds9 and ds9.zip file in the bin/ directory of Scisoft OSX.

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