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Fork()ing Problems with FreeType solved

Posted on September 05, 2008 by Juan

[The hack reported here for getting FreeType compiled under MacPorts in a fully Leopard-compatible way is no longer necessary as current versions of MacPorts properly handle this now.]

As I reported on my blog here, here, and here, I have been having problems with my PHP programs on my web server that use fonts crashing with errors of the form:

The process has forked and you cannot use this CoreFoundation functionality safely. You MUST exec().

The problem turns out to not lie in PHP, but in Apple’s pre-installed FreeType which is compiled with “old font” support. This old font support is apparently old Carbon code instead of Cocoa (if I understand correctly, which I may not) and thus requires a forking of the process… which triggers this fault.

If you use MacPorts version of Apache and PHP (as I am now doing), you can fix this problem by editing the Portfile for freetype to disable old font support, recompiling it, and restarting your apache server. So following the hints in the MacPorts Bug Report #15909 I did the following:

Edit the Portfile located at /opt/local/var/macports/sources/rsync.macports.org/release/ports/print/freetype/Portfile changing line 50 to

#    --with-old-mac-fonts 
--with-fsspec=no --with-fsref=no --with-quickdraw-toolbox=no --with-quickdraw-carbon=no 

Now recompile freetype in MacPorts. To do this you have to force the uninstallation of freetype (which will cause much gnashing of teeth by MacPorts since freetype is required for several other ports.

sudo port -f uninstall freetype

Then recompile and reinstall freetype:

sudo port install freetype

And finally, give the apache server used by MacPorts a fresh restart to get it going with the new freetype libraries loaded.

sudo /opt/local/etc/LaunchDaemons/org.macports.apache2/apache2.wrapper restart

Doing this fixed all my freetype issues and I was able to use my FinderChart program again. The only disadvantage is that if freetype is updated from version 2.3.7 in MacPorts (and no no-old-font variant appears), I will have to re-apply this hack.

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