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DS9 version 5.2 released

Posted on April 19, 2008 by Juan

[See my more recent post warning about MacOS X Firewall settings and how they can destroy the SAOImage DS9 executable during its first launch! This problem is avoidable by tweaking the Firewall settings, but once you have launched SAOImage DS9 with the bad settings, the application is damaged can can’t be relaunched again. A reinstallation is the only solution, so it is a good idea to avoid this problem.]

The folks in Cambridge have kept busy. They have released SAOImage DS9 version 5.2. The versions for MacOS X include the following:

The rather extensive changes are detailed in the release notes here, but the notable ones to me include:

  • ANALYSIS: for MacOSX tiger, wrap cmds with shell and PATH.
  • GUI: change default directory for standard dialog to $HOME.
  • ANALYSIS: add /sw/bin to default path for MacOSX. While unstated in the release notes, this is clearly an attempt to support Fink, which places its installation in the /sw directory.
  • GUI: ds9 will now start in the users home directory for MacOSX Aqua users when invoked from a double click and the default dialog box is Motif or Windows.
  • MACOSX: fixed a problem with printing non standard colors.
  • MACOSX: restore postscript printing.
  • REGIONS: apply WCS to fits regions if present.
  • GUI: add support for user configured button bar.
  • CATALOGS: add support for simbad.
  • IMEXAMINE: added support for key stroke events.
  • Although unstated in their release notes, they are now apparently providing universal binaries instead of PPC and Intel binaries for MacOS X.

I have previously posted notes for integrating upgrades of DS9 into the Scisoft OS X installation and they still work just fine.

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