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XQuartz updated to version

Posted on April 14, 2008 by Juan

[This originally linked to version 2.2.0, but there was a security related bug in version 2.2.0, so this release has appeared to replace it.]

The Xquartz folks have updated Xquartz to version Xquartz is an effort to provide a better X11 server for Leopard than Apple provides, being proactive in providing fixes Apple will likely include later. The release notes are long and cover a bunch of updates to various items, including:

  • Added informational output when falling through to failsafe startup in X11.app
  • Unsetenv(DISPLAY) when falling through to failsafe startup in X11.app
  • Exposé now works as expected
  • X11 works better with spaces

I suspect the discussion of ‘failsafe’ startups is to provide a more informational failure than what was happening before for people like myself who transitioned from previous MacOS X installations and had been manually forcing the DISPLAY variable to point to :0.0, which is somewhat standard in the Unix world.

I’d recommend grabbing this Xquartz update and applying it if you use Leopard and astronomical software. Its a double-click install. Apple does watch this project (one of the developers is Apple’s X11 developer), and as noted on the Xquartz site:

Apple included some of the work done in this project in their 10.5.2 update and will likely include further changes in possible future updates of 10.5.x. It is suggested that you install the latest XQuartz release after updating to 10.5.2 (and any future 10.5.x or security updates).

In other words, while some of these fixes will likely end up in the official MacOS released by Apple, if you want them now, use Xquartz. Furthermore, since Xquartz does over-write Apple’s default X11 install, this means that if Apple upgrades X11 in a future patch, you could end up with a broken install if you used Xquartz. Personally, I haven’t had a problem, but I suggest you keep the Xquartz package around, and re-install it after any future MacOS X updates.

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