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SciSoft OSX Intel 2008.3.1 released

Posted on April 05, 2008 by Juan

I am Cerro Tololo preparing for our observing run starting tomorrow night with the Blanco 4-meter, so I don’t have much time right now to analyze the new version of Scisoft OSX that was released today, but it looks like they addressed quite a few of my comments from before about some of the Aqua applications being out of date. Here’s the release notes:

Scisoft Intel 2008.3.1 is available. This version includes a recompiled version of MIDAS (which was not tested under 10.4), updates to STSDAS/TABLES and a few other packages such as FV, STScI_Python, and DS9 Aqua.

I’ve placed a copy Scisoft OSX Intel 2008.3.1 on the online mirror, but I will also keep last few versions around for a while until I can evaluate this one. I suspect users may this version of SciSoft OSX may have issues running under 10.4, given the comment above in the release notes. I believe if you install DS9 yourself, you have to install the version specific to your MacOS version.

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