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MacPorts getting more functional for this Astronomer

Posted on January 24, 2008 by Juan

About 6 weeks ago I posted about the various ports that failed to install in my first attempts at getting “my standard suite” of ports installed under MacPorts on Leopard. My standard suite until Tiger involved issuing the following command:

sudo port install aquaterm chmdump contacts coreutils curl file findutils g95 ghostscript gv ImageMagick ksh93 latex2rtf lynx macutil osxutils plotutils subversion teTeX tidy vim wget wine xterm xephem

Since then MacPorts has released version 1.6 and the various porters have been hacking at the various problems. I can now report that of the ports I reported failed to install:

  • xterm, wine, and g95 all now install without any issues.
  • teTeX can be installed, there was a bad dependency in the portfile. You just needed to install openmotif first manually. I don’t know if the bad dependency is still there, it may have been resolved.
  • subversion can be installed, it also had a bad dependency. You just needed to install nawk first. Again, I don’t know if the bad dependency is still there, it may have been resolved.
  • gv can be installed if you apply a patch. If you check that bug ticket on gv (you need to get a free MacOSForge account), you will find a new patch-setenv.c file is available there. If you download that file and replace /opt/local/var/macports/sources/rsync.macports.org/release/ports/print/gv/files/patch-setenv.c with it, gv will compile and install just fine.

This leaves just two of my standard suite of packages that don’t compile right in Leopard, osxutils (See this post) and xephem (See this post). And xephem installs just fine manually if you download the source code.

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