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MacPorts failures under Leopard

Posted on December 05, 2007 by Juan
I decided I should clean up my laptop’s left over digital crap, so I went through my /usr/local directories cleaning out ancient libraries installed two OSes ago (after making a backup first). I decided I would try reinstalling MacPorts under Leopard, if only to build it clean and remove the old source code siting around from various revisions to the packages over time.First, I installed MacPorts from the disk image for Leopard. Then I attempted to install my usual suspects: sudo port install aquaterm chmdump contacts coreutils curl file findutils g95 ghostscript gv ImageMagick ksh93 latex2rtf lynx macutil osxutils plotutils subversion teTeX tidy vim wget wine xterm xephem Long story short, almost everything works but there were a few key packages that failed to build under MacOS X 10.5.1. This also reminded me that when a package fails to build, you should “port clean” the package (see examples below) before attempting to rebuild it:
  • I discovered that teTeX failed to build. This appears to be due to an undeclared dependancy on openmotif. So after the failed install, I just did ansudo port clean --work teTeX; sudo port install openmotif teTeXand teTeX installed just fine.
  • In attempting to build subversion I discovered that one of the packages subversion needs, sqlite3, fails to install on Leopard. This appears to be due to an undeclared dependancy on nawk (MacPorts Report Ticket #13500). So again, all I had to do was:sudo port clean --work sqlite3; sudo port install nawk subversionand it worked. I should note that a fairly recent version of subversion now comes with Leopard, version 1.4.4 (as opposed to 1.4.5 with MacPorts).
  • gv fails to install unless you patch it. This was reported to MacPorts (Bug Report Ticket #13095). [If you check that bug ticket, you will find a new patch-setenv.c file is available there. If you download that file and replace /opt/local/var/macports/sources/rsync.macports.org/release/ports/print/gv/files/patch-setenv.c with it, gv will compile and install just fine.]
  • osxutils fails almost immediately with a series of errors about conflicting types. Since osxutils did a lot of meta-data manipulation, I am not completely surprised it is broken under Leopard. I have submitted a bug report to MacPorts.
  • xterm fails to build. This is irritating because I haven’t had time to confirm is the old xterm Tektronix emulation bug present in the Tiger version of xterm is still present. [This appears to have been cleared up with MacPorts 1.6 if you install Xquartz over the Apple installed X11 server. Doing this is a good idea anyway.]
  • wine fails to build (already reported elsewhere [link since deleted]). This has already been reported in MacPorts Bug Report Ticket #13488. I wonder if this is related to the possibility being mentioned of Leopard having unreported support for Windows binary execution. [Wine version 0.9.51 DOES compile under Leopard just fine.]
  • I can’t build g95 because odcctools fails to compile. This has been reported in MacPorts Bug Report Ticket #13148. [This appears to have been fixed as of January 24, 2008.]
  • xephem fails to build because lesstif builds but fails to install. Actually lesstif installed fine once I moved /usr/share/aclocal/ac_find_motif.m4 out of the way. I don’t know if that file was there from my previous install of lesstif. Once lesstif was out of the way, xephem failed to build. Interestingly, MacPorts has version 3.7, I downloaded the source for xephem 3.7.2 from the Clear Sky Institute website, compiled it following the installation instructions without a hitch. I submitted a bug report as MacPorts Bug Report Ticket #13524 (turned out my bug report was a duplicate of MacPorts Bug Report Ticket #13498). This has been fixed, see this post. [This appears to have been fixed as of March 3, 2008.]
I’m actually surprised the number of packages that failed to compile seems pretty small.

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