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X11 Issues under Leopard… some additional information

Posted on December 01, 2007 by Juan

Well, I think I have ironed out most of my issues with X11 and I am actually very happy with it. But if you are not as happy, check out the X11-Users FAQ. It contains information about how to tackle the following:

  • If you really hate the new way X11 uses a custom DISPLAY environmental variable to trigger launchd to launch X11.app, the FAQ contains information on how to disable the launchd trigger and then revert to the Tigerish behavior of manually launching X11.app (HINT: Don’t use /Applications/Utilities/X11.app, use /usr/X11/X11.app instead.
  • Information on installing Tiger’s X11 on Leopard. Apparently, it can be done without clobbering Leopard’s X11 install.

Really, very useful, even if you don’t mind the new X11, since it illuminates a bit about how this X11 has bee changed. Oh, and it looks like future X11 updates will be made available at a new MacForge website. I hope a nicer set of packages for X11 is available soon, the only big irritation has been my X11 windows slipping under the menubar!

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