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Leopard uses Apache2… doesn’t migrate well

Posted on November 26, 2007 by Juan

I host a reasonably large astronomical database on my office Mac (http://www.cabanela.com/MAPS_Database/), so I pay attention to migration issues with the web server component of the Mac OS. I suspected there would be some because Apple was switching to Apache2. I have in recent years been a fan of the “MAMP” setup (MacOSX, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and have used Apple’s preinstalled Apache, the binary MySQL installs, and a custom compiled version of PHP. This typically required banging on the configuration files for the Apache server a bit.

As I discovered, my web pages wouldn’t even load on the laptop under Apache2. The first step was finding the Apache2 configuration file at /etc/apache2/httpd.conf and editing it to re-allow PHP execution (uncomment the

#LoadModule php5_module libexec/apache2/libphp5.so

line). I still continued to get a permission error, I finally discovered that the MacOS X upgrade process didn’t move user website directory configuration files to the new location on the drive. I moved the individual user files from /private/etc/httpd/users/ to/private/etc/apache2/users/ and bang, I could view most of my personal webpages on my laptop again. But anything using URL re-writing still failed (including WordPress blogs). I had to change the AllowOverride configuration entry in my users’ configuration files to include Options, then everything worked again. I’ll still need to custom compile a version of PHP that supports GD2 and a couple other libraries I use, but this has been less painful than I naively expected.

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