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Scisoft OSX 2007.11.2b Notes

Posted on November 16, 2007 by Juan

No… the new Scisoft OSX isn’t out quite yet, but I got the following note from Nor Pirzkal responding to my post regarding the various broken symbolic links in SciSoft OSX 2007.11.1.

Just to let you know that I just implemented your changes in 2007.11.2b. Thanks again.

So it looks like these bugs will be fixed when Scisoft OSX 2007.11.2b is released soon. I have to hand it to them, Nor is pretty quick to respond to these bugs, given he has a full time job which doesn’t involve maintaining SciSoft OSX!

2 to “Scisoft OSX 2007.11.2b Notes”

  1. Millielily says:
    Hi, I've tried downloading the PPC version from their site, contacting Nor at both email addresses listed on the .mac website, and even trying to access the scisoftosx.dyndns.org website all to no avail. Have you had similar problems? It seems strange that you were able to download and contact them just over a month ago and now it's not working...Just wondering if it's just me...
  2. juan says:
    I can tell you the PPC version is old, version 2006.4.1 instead of 2007.11.1 for intel. Unlike most mac programs, SciSoft OS X can't be made easily cross-platform since it is not compiled with Xcode per se and most of the packages are ported from Linux/SunOS. I went to http://web.mac.com/npirzkal/Scisoft/Scisoft.html and the links are still present there. However, it does indeed look like http://scisoftosx.dyndns.org/downloads/2006.4.1/Scisoft_OSX_2006.4.1_Export.pkg.zip doesn't work. This is probably because scisoftosx.dyndns.org is a dynamic DNS entry and is out of date. I've sent a note to Nor about this myself, hopefully it will get resolved.

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