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Scisoft OSX 2007.11.1 Released

Posted on November 01, 2007 by Juan
Wow, Nor Pirzkal and Francesco Pierfederici have kept quite busy making small updates to Scisoft OSX for Intel. They released another new version today (available for download here). Here’s the entire description of the changes in this version of Scisoft OSX from the release notes:
This version updated Python to version 2.5.1 and correct some minor issue with the bash version of the irafuser.bash script when running under OSX 10.5 Leopard. Missing GCC runtime fortran libraries are also now included. This version was test under OSX 10.5 and seems to run fine. Note that 10.5 does deal with X11 applications slightly differently. Once the Setup.bash script has been source[d], you should add the following line to your .bash_profile: export DISPLAY= This will enable all Scisoft X11 applications to start from Terminal.app
I am not running Leopard (and probably will not switch until the winter break, when I have time to deal with all the X11 issues it creates), so I can’t confirm the ability to run under Leopard, but its great to know they are keeping SciSoft OS X up to date.

Issues with this Release of Scisoft OSX
  • I did notice this new version of Scisoft OSX doesn’t appear to link its IRAF install with the rvsao IRAF package (used for radial velocity computations). Doesn’t matter to me to much since I compiled the newer version and linked to it, but it is funny they include the rvsao package at /scisoft/all/packages/iraf/extern/rvsao but don’t link to it in the $hlib/extern.pkg file, which I do believe they did in the older versions.
  • I may not have noticed this earlier, but in the libraries directory /scisoft/i386/lib, some of the symbolic links are broken. Specifically:
    • All the items in this directory linking to the OpenMotif library items are not linked, it appears /scisoft/i386/Packages/OpenMotif-2.3.0/lib doesn’t exist. However, /scisoft/i386/Packages/OpenMotif-2.3.0/lib.org does. So I symbolically linked lib to lib.org via:
      cd /scisoft/i386/Packages/OpenMotif-2.3.0/
      ln -s lib.org/ lib
      And now all the links to the OpenMotif libraries within /scisoft/i386/lib work.
    • The CFITSIO library is mis-linked to an older version which no longer is installed. So I needed to:
      cd /scisoft/i386/lib/
      rm libcfitsio.a
      ln -s ../Packages/cfitsio-3.040/lib/libcfitsio.a libcfitsio.a
      and the CFITSIO library was properly linked again.
    • libpng.so was apparently not compiled within /scisoft/i386/Packages/libpng-1.2.10/lib, so there is no quick fix for that broken link.
    • I removed a link to python2.4 in /scisoft/i386/lib and replaced it with a link to python 2.5:
      cd /scisoft/i386/lib/
      rm python2.4
      ln -s ../Packages/pygtk-2.8.6/lib/python2.5/ python2.5
  • All the CFITSIO headers in /scisoft/i386/include/ are linking to an older version (3.006) instead of the current installed version (3.040). Fixed via:
    cd /scisoft/i386/include/
    rm -f drvrsmem.h fitsio.h fitsio2.h longnam.h
    ln -s ../Packages/cfitsio-3.040/include/*.h .
  • There are symbolic links in the /scisoft/i386/bin directory to a variety of executables from the sm plotting package which doesn’t appear to have been installed as part of the Scisoft OSX distribution.
  • Not really a bug, but the version of SAOImage DS9 is version 4.1.3 and not the current version 5.0.0. Of course, given the long history of dangerous version X.0.0 software, this maybe safer that way.

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