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SAOImage ds9 version 5.0 released

Posted on October 16, 2007 by Juan
On October 15, the folks behind SAOImage released SAOImage DS9 version 5.0. The big change I noticed is they now have a completely MacOS X native (read “Aqua”) version of ds9 (but only if you use the application package version of ds9, the command line versions remain X11)! I downloaded the following three versions: The new features lists page tells us that this release includes:
  • MacOSX Aqua Support: DS9 has been ported to MacOSX Aqua and is an universal application which no longer requires X11.
  • Compressed FITS Support: DS9 supports compressed FITS images using RICE compression.
  • Mask Support: DS9 supports overlay masks. A mask is defined as a valid FITS image, in which a non zero value indicates that the selected mask color is to be displayed instead of the data value color.
  • SkyView Support: DS9 provides support for HEASARC’s image cutout service, SkyView. This site provides image cutout service for a number of image surveys, including SDSS.
  • Multi-Language Support: DS9 provides multi-language support. By default, the language used for menus and dialog boxes is based on the value of the operating system locale variable. The user may override the default value by selecting the desired language in the preferences or by the -language command line option.
  • Preferences: Preferences are automatically saved when a user changes an option. Selecting the saving preferences menu item is no longer needed.
More detailed release notes are available here. I was able to get this version of ds9 integrated with SciSoft OSX by doing the following:
  1. Decompress the command line version of ds9 via the terminal using tar xzvf ds9.darwinppc.5.0.tar.gz (PPC version) or tar xzvf ds9.darwinintel.5.0.tar.gz (Intel version). When the decompression is done, all you have is an executable called ds9.
  2. Next, from the terminal, go to the /scisoft/bin directory (on PPC) or /scisoft/i386/bin/ directory (on Intel) and rename the old ds9 executable to something like ds9_old (using something like mv ds9 ds9_old).
  3. Copy your newly decompressed ds9 executable into the SciSoft OSX binary directory. I should note the command line version of ds9 still requires X11.

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