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HINT: Resolving xgterm problems calling ecl scripts

Posted on August 09, 2007 by Juan

I am posting here an annotated version of one of my headaches for the last few days, which has been a persistent xgterm crash. I have been working on getting the Hectospec reduction scripts known as specroad running on my Macintosh (something I will fully document and provide binaries for when I am done). Having never done spectroscopy before, it seemed like a safer bet to learn by working my way through their scripts than trying to invent this as I go. Some magic done by the specroad scripts comes from the fact that they call IRAF routines in the form of ecl scripts, allowing two or more separate simultaneous IRAF processes. On a multi-processor system like mine, this parallelization can help cut down on the running time. More specifically, the specroad package contains a script called ‘callhectospec‘. This script calls ecl, the enhanced IRAF command line environment, and then sets up the environment by loading the hectospec package in IRAF. It then issues the IRAF command you requested. I was having a problem running the command:

xterm -e callhectospec hcal comp.ms
to calibrate the pixel to wavelength mapping because it would bring up a Tektronix window (via xterm’s Tektronix emulation), but I wasn’t able to type out the proper commands within that window. I suspected that I was triggering some sort of internal Tektronix commands, and so I tried switching the call spawn an xterm witha call to X11IRAF’s xgterm. xgterm is a xterm clone that offers more advanced plotting capabilities and interactions. The callhectospec script immediately crashed with the following error:
 Error in message to server, line 6: send: could not find object gterm
    while executing
"send gterm setGterm"
xgterm Xt error: Shell widget gterm-iraf has zero width and/or height
I spent a few hours searching for solutions in Google. All the previous instances of this error seemed related to running old versions of X11. This didn’t match my situation. I tried upgrading xgterm to the current version, which didn’t change things. It was a bit irritating because I knew IRAF worked with xgterm just fine. Clearly I was triggering this error message for a reason that didn’t match the previous cases. I finally relented and posted about my problem on IRAF.net‘s forums. Thankfully, the solution, pointed out by Fitz, was simple, the callhectospec script was setting up the IRAF environment for xterm, not xgterm. All I needed to do was edit callhectospec to replace
else if (envget("TERM") == "xterm") {
 stty xterm
else if (envget("TERM") == "xterm") {
  stty xgterm
My IRAF login.cl script does exactly this, which is why it worked when I entered ecl by hand. Once that was fixed, everything worked like a dream.

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