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Annoyance: IRAF in Scisoft OSX mkpkg glitches

Posted on August 08, 2007 by Juan

Update: I have updated this blog entry to reflect some updated information from Nor Pirzkal regarding the best way to fix this glitch.  This problem has been fixed in Scisoft OSX MacIntel version (2007.9.1).

During my adventures compiling the hectospec-related IRAF packages, I was using Scisoft OSX and discovered there were a couple of issues with the symbolic links for the mkpkg command necessary for compiling new IRAF packages.

  • In the Scisoft OSX PPC Beta (2006.11.1b) mkpkg appears to be mis-linked, so it can’t be executed. So I did the following in the terminal:
    cd /scisoft/binsudo rm mkpkgsudo ln -s ../iraf/iraf/unix/bin.macosx/mkpkg.e mkpkg
  • In the Scisoft OSX MacIntel version (2007.1.1) and Scisoft OSX MacIntel version (2007.7.1), there are some missing symbolic links to mkpkg and xc in the directory for MacIntel binaries.  As a result, both mkpkg and xc were instead pointing to PowerPC binaries. I fixed this as follows (again, from the command line):
    cd /scisoft/i386/bin/sudo ln -s /scisoft/all/packages/iraf/iraf/unix/bin.macintel/mkpkg.e mkpkgsudo ln -s /scisoft/all/packages/iraf/iraf/unix/bin.macintel/xc.e xc
    This mis-linking certainly didn’t help getting things to compile under MacIntel, since IRAF was attempting to compile MacIntel code using PowerPC versions of mkpkg and xc.

Thanks for Nor Pirzkal for giving me some feedback on fixing this problem.  He tells me he has made the appropriate changes so that the next version of Scisoft OSX will not have this  issue.By the way, my complaint here should in no way be construed as a critique of the efforts of Francesco Pierfedericki and Nor Pirzkal in putting together Scisoft OSX. They have done a great deal of work to put together an awesome package. For two people to track over 2 GB of software and not expect some glitches is unrealistic. And I for one am extremely grateful that his efforts have saved me a lot of time.

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