Minnesota State University Moorhead Galaxy Properties from a Diameter-Limited Catalog
By Juan Enrique Cabanela Larrinaga
August 1999
Resources Related to this Thesis:
  • A PDF (9.6 MB) version of this thesis is available, although it requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 or later) program (available for Macintosh, Windows, various Unix, and Linux) to be read/printed.
    • Errata: There are some typos/errors that I discovered post-publication in my thesis. The most egregious are on pages 162-164 that were the result of an attempt to move some figures around, the errors mangle the meaning of what I am trying to get across. The above PDF copy of my thesis, when viewed in Adobe Acrobat or Apple's Preview app in Mac OS X, has "comments" added correcting the errors. I don't believe these comments print by default, but they are viewable when looking at the document on your computer.
  • The MAPS-NGP Catalog of 217,768 galaxies on POSS I plates within 30 degrees of the North Galactic Pole is now available online! Be warned, the catalog is gigantic, about 65 Megabytes uncompressed. More details on the MAPS-NGP are available here.
  • There are two previously published papers included in this Ph.D. thesis. The refereed versions of these papers can be obtained online through the links below:

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