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Observing Log, 1/3/2016 0

Posted on January 04, 2016 by Matt

Came out tonight to observe a maximum of EY UMa. Weather was excellent, temperature 15F, focus 2799, FWHM 6 pixels. In addition to EY UMa I took some pictures towards the beginning of the evening on the Andromeda galaxy.  Arrived around 8:30PM, left at 3:30AM.

Observing Log, 1/1/2016 0

Posted on January 03, 2016 by Matt

Conditions were reasonably clear (scattered clouds early in the evening while shooting calibration images), with very, very dim aurorae visible at the beginning (around 8PM local). Temperature was about 15F, focus set to 2799, seeing 4.5-5.5 pixels.

Shot darks first, then EY UMa for a few hours to catch a maximum, then planned to observe a transit of HAT-P-20….then noticed it is a known double and thought better of it (did not want to try to model that light curve). Observed a transit of HAT-P-54 instead.

Shot flats at the end of the night, around 5AM, R filter only (all observations were in R).

No equipment problems 🙂

Observing Log, 12/27/2015 0

Posted on December 27, 2015 by Matt

Came out tonight hoping to observe a maximum of EY UMa. Instead, clouds showed up right after I arrived and show no signs of going away after an hour, so I gave up. Got some calibration images but nothing else.

Observing Log Nov 8, 2015 0

Posted on November 09, 2015 by Matt

I made a list-minute decision to come out observing tonight, primarily to catch a maximum of EY UMa. Beautiful conditions, with seeing good and constant through the night. Very nice northern lights, too.

I also did a short test to see if I could figure out what was going on with the “wavy” darks…turns out that turning off the lights eliminates them.

Temperature was 39F, focus 2840, FWHM around 5.


Observing Log 9/25/2015 0

Posted on September 26, 2015 by Matt

Laura Maixner and I observed several globular clusters tonight as part of a project she is working on. There was a nearly full moon but the primary objective was to look at several clusters and decide which one would be best to follow up with on other nights. Around 1AM there were some light clouds so observing wrapped up at 1:30AM.

The temperature was 73F, focus 2870 and FWHM was 5-6.5 pixels.

Observing log 2015-09-20 0

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Matt

I observed tonight after one of the AST 102 field trips. The main target was WASP-10b, a transiting exoplanet. The evening was uneventful, with everything working without any problems. I also grabbed a few images of the standard star field SA113, one each of Neptune and Pluto, and one of NGS6946, a spiral galaxy.

Temperature was 67F, focus 2870, FWHM 5-6 pixels.

Observing Log 11/22/2014 0

Posted on November 23, 2014 by Matt

Elias Holte, Erin Aadland, Brandon Crowe, Brian Ternes, and Lauren Ugelstad arrived at the observatory with intentions of getting data on M15 for a project of Brian’s. However, the telescope was not aligned correctly and thought that its zenith was somewhere at a 45 degree declination. By the time this problem was fixed M15 had passed through the low airmass window we were hoping to gather data from. After this the group scrambled to salvage the night (in terms of data) and tried to get some data on an exoplanet transit, but missed the start of the transit. Unfortunately, no usable data came out of the night.
Focus: 2809
Outside temperature: 32F

Observing Log 10/26/2014 0

Posted on October 26, 2014 by Matt

Lauren U. and Erin A. went out to the telescope to observe the exoplanet transit of TrES-3b.  The evening started off well with Dr. Craig having the telescope already connected so we didn’t have to deal with any errors!  The transit started at 9:40 and ended at 10:56. The images look beautiful with a focus of 2853 and a temperature of 59 degrees.  However, when returning the telescope to home the computer froze once again and had to be restarted.

Observing Log 10/23/2014 0

Posted on October 23, 2014 by Matt

Lauren U., Erin A., Brandon C., Brian T., and Eli H. went out to the telescope in hopes of observing an exo-planet transit, however, time ran short. So the M-29 cluster was observed instead. Skies were clear and the CCD camera actually worked. However, the computer froze when trying to get flats, darks, and biases, and had to be rebooted.

Observing Log 10/21/2014 0

Posted on October 21, 2014 by Matt

Elias Holte, Erin Aadland, Lauren Ugelstad, Brandon Crowe, Brian Ternes, and Dr Craig spent around four hours behind the controls tonight with a temperature of 59.7F, focus set at 2842, and with a FWHM of 5.27. Starting around 7:45 everyone but Dr Craig (who arrived around 8:30) worked on getting the observatory up and running. After nearly an hour of troubleshooting Dr Craig came to the rescue and flipped the driver toggle switch to the “on” position. This was much appreciated.
We were able to take data on two objects tonight:
NOTE: Always make sure anyone in the observatory knows when you’re moving the telescope. Or wear hard hats.

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