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Observing tonight (Sunday)? 0

Posted on February 12, 2012 by Matt
Hi all,

I talked to a few of you on Friday who were intereested in observing tonight (Sunday). Looks like it might not be a late night, because ClearSkyClock (the cloud forecast service) indicates it will cloud up for  a couple hours around midnight.

Please reply to this to indicate:

1) whether you want to go out tonight
2) whether you want me there.

If I don’t go out tonight I might be able to go out on Monday (which is also supposed to be clear).

Saturday/Sunday Feb. 11/12 2012 0

Posted on February 12, 2012 by Matt

Beautiful night with FWHM of 4th mag star 4.5 to 5.5.  I observed a number of objects:  M101 (sn 2011fe); EY UMa (suspected variable); TC0027 (minor planet–I think it was too dim to capture); NSV 4863 (suspected variable); and SZ Lyn (RR Lyrae).  I also grabbed all twilight flats to compare to dome/lightbox flats .


More observing this weekend 0

Posted on February 10, 2012 by Linda

Remember, Dr. Winkler is going out Saturday night and it also looks like Sunday will be clear. Observing requests to Dr. Winkler by the end of Friday afternoon.

Observing Friday 0

Posted on February 10, 2012 by Matt

Looks like I’ll be going out to the observatory tonight with Gregg and Aaron, arriving around 8pm, leaving by about midnight. Please get us any observing requests by the end the day, and speak up if you also want to come along.

Observing Saturday Night Feb. 11 0

Posted on February 09, 2012 by Matt

Dear all:

LWinkler will be out at the observatory Saturday night.  She will get there at twilight to get some twilight flats, and then will be attempting dim star fields to capture minor planets.  If you have an observing request, please get to her by the end of this week.  Also, you are welcome to join her if your Saturday night is too dull!


Anyone want to observe tonight (Sun, Feb 5)? 0

Posted on February 05, 2012 by Matt

Anyone planning to go/want to go observing tonight?

I’ve got a request I’ll hand off to anyone planning to go, and am also thinking about heading out myself (though I’ll stay out of your way if you are planning to go).

Not sure whether I’d head out earlish (say 6-7pm) or latish (11pm) and not sure how long I’d stay (all night is sort of tempting).

If you can’t go but have an observing request let me know!

Matt Craig

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