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Observing Log, 1/1/2016

Posted on January 03, 2016 by Matt

Conditions were reasonably clear (scattered clouds early in the evening while shooting calibration images), with very, very dim aurorae visible at the beginning (around 8PM local). Temperature was about 15F, focus set to 2799, seeing 4.5-5.5 pixels.

Shot darks first, then EY UMa for a few hours to catch a maximum, then planned to observe a transit of HAT-P-20….then noticed it is a known double and thought better of it (did not want to try to model that light curve). Observed a transit of HAT-P-54 instead.

Shot flats at the end of the night, around 5AM, R filter only (all observations were in R).

No equipment problems 🙂

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