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September 12, 2015 Observing Log

Posted on September 13, 2015 by Erin Aadland

Andy Block, Erin Aadland, Stefan Nelson, and Jane Glanzer arrived at the telescope and got off to an optimistic start by taking the calibration images first.  However, disaster struck when the science images were about to commence.  First, the dome would not align with the telescope.  In fact, the dome faced the exact opposite direction as the dome.  The problem was resolved by manually moving the dome.  Second, as the first image was about to be taken Maxlm DL quit unexpectedly.  Third, an error occurred as we tried to reconnect the telescope.  We replugged the telescope and the problem was solved.  Fourth, the subframe images used to get a clear focus would not center on the star as needed.  A call from Matt Craig helped get around the issue by looking at the focus in the TCS window and looking at the FWHM of the star using the information window.  Finally, the science could commence (around 12:30am).  We ended up taking a few images of globular clusters for Laura Maixner and called it a night.

Temp: 69.1

Focus: 2889

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