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Observing Log, 10/9/2014

Posted on October 09, 2014 by Matt

Matt Craig, Erin Aadland, Brian Ternes and Brandon Crowe went observing tonight. Very clear night, shot several calibration shots, then science images of:

  • BU Cam (R filter)
  • Kelt-1 b (R filter)
  • NGC 1039 (BVRI)

Air temperature was 36F, focus set to 2830 and FWM around 5. We ended up just taking one image of each science object because people needed to get back to homework.

We also took out one of the 6-inch celestrons and looked at the Moon, Mizar/Alcor, Albireo, the Ring Nebula and Uranus. Technically we probably also had some photons from Pluto hit our eyes too but we couldn’t actually see it.

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