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Observing log 11/11/2013

Posted on November 12, 2013 by Matt

This is the first frigid night of the year: forecast low is 5F. Focus was set to 2775 with FWHM around 6 pixels (though it varied quite a bit).

First, some bad news:

+ the finder scope eyepiece barely stays in and the threads seem stripped. I might have done that last time I was out–bumped it and it fell out. For now it is still in the telescope.
+ The reticle batteries are dead and there aren’t replacements out here. I’ll fix that on Nov 12. For some reason taking the batteries out and putting them back in made the reticle work again. Will still bring out more replacement batteries.

Better news:

+ You can position the telescope without any of that. Detailed instructions will be written up, but basically: take a deep image (say 60 sec), use astrometry.net to do an astrometric fit (can now be done from within AstroImageJ), then use the center of the field it finds as the telescope position.

MaxIm DL hung around 11:30PM CST…no idea why. Restarting MaxIm DL solved the problem.

Targets tonight:

+ UV20598
+ EY UMa
+ standard field SA95

All images were taken in the R band.

And, a bonus…video of a twinkling star from focusing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj30-tzKpqg

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