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Observing log, 2013-10-15

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Matt

I arrived at the observatory a little after midnight. The sky was mostly clear, with very little wind. The temperature was 35F and focus was set to 2820, with FWHM around 5-6 pixels.

The primary target tonight was EY UMa. Observations were also taken of the standard field SA92 when it was at roughly the same airmass as the EY UMa field.

In addition a few images were taken at the beginning of the night of NGC 6946, a spiral galaxy. The motivation for that was simply to get some nice pictures. It turns out the galaxy is fairly low surface brightness and the moon was out so there wasn’t much galaxy to see.

All of the science observations (i.e. everything but NGC 6946) were done in R band.

Observing was uneventful.

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