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Observing log, Apr 28, 2013

Posted on April 29, 2013 by Matt

WARNING: DO NOT USE DATA FROM THIS NIGHT, or use with extreme caution. Turns out the dome was causing much more extensive problems than I originally thought–the EY UMa data from this night had “jumps” in its light curve, each of which happened right after the telescope was slewed from EY UMa to a standard field and back.

Planning to observe EY UMa, some standard fields, and MY Aql tonight.

Conditions are very good, with seeing around 6 pixels FWHM.

Ran into a problem with the dome that affected observations from about 11:15PM-12:35AM CDT. Alignment of the slit with the telescope was off, so noise increased a lot.

Fixed by:

  • Turning “Auto Dome” to off in TCS/Telescope…/Misc…
  • manually steering the dome to match telescope position
  • Initializing dome position to current telescope position under TCS/Telescope…/Initialization…
  • Turned “Auto Dome” back on

No other problems during the night, and conditions were good for the entire night.

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