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New light box, June 21, 2012

Posted on June 21, 2012 by Matt

New light box has been mounted and tested under ambient white lights in dome.

The box is smaller and lighter weight than previous box.


1. Keep the black curtain snapped onto the box, which is a blue plastic feed bucket.  There is an opening in the curtain where the two ends meet, but are not fastened together.  Place this opening near the weight bar on the telescope so the curtain fits around the bar.

2.  The bucket simply mounts on top of the telescope, which must be positioned near zenith.

3. After placing the bucket on the rim of the telescope tube, you may have to pull the curtain edges out from under the bucket.  The curtain should hang freely all around the bucket, making a seal around the edges.

4. Please store light box in as clean a place as possible.  Do not place items inside the bucket or on any of its translucent surfaces.  For now, the bucket is under the covers in the dome until I find a plastic bag to store it in.


Data thus far, taken solely with ambient white light on in dome (not floodlight, just ordinary dome light):

Through R filter, a 180 sec exposure gives mean intensity 39,000

“” V filter, intensity with 360 secs gives intensity ~ 20,000

“” I filter intensity with 60 sec exp gives ~43,000

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