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Observing April 11, 2012 0

Posted on April 11, 2012 by Linda

Dear all:

I plan on doing a lot at the Observatory tonight,anyone welcome to come along.  I would like to arrive by 8 pm and will work on the following:

Using the dome flat sheet to try doem flates in all filters

Fixing the filter wheel (or trying)

Setting up the SBIG Spectragraph and taking spectra

Anything else–I can stay and help with photometry, or get out of the way.  I hope to leave by 12 midnight at the latest, but hopefully will leave the telescope operating with someone else in control…

Let me know if you need a ride out there–we’ll leave the department by 8 pm.

Dr. W

Observing log 4/9/12 (note–filter wheel is misbehaving) 0

Posted on April 09, 2012 by Matt

I came out to the observatory on the late side to observe a variable star; around 3AM I switched filters while shooting a standard star field and got ERROR=1 on the filter wheel display.

Though I tried thoroughly cleaning the filter wheel o-ring, I couldn’t get the filter wheel working again (and clouds started rolling in).

If you are planning to go out, still plan to go–I wouldn’t be surprised if the wheel functions when it is a bit warmer if the issue is the o-ring.

Observing Log 4/4/2012 0

Posted on April 05, 2012 by Matt

I got out to the observatory just as Dave was closing programs but luckily the telescope was still open. After spending quite a while remembering how to do everything (with Shouvik’s help) I finally got the telescope to M101 only to find the moon was too bright to get anything useful. I did, however take some images of EY Uma so the evening wouldn’t  be a complete bust. That said, I remembered on the way home that I forgot to take flats so really the evening became more of a learning/remembering experience than anything else.


Observing log 4/3/2012 0

Posted on April 04, 2012 by Matt

Tonight had a little bit for almost everyone who uses the telescope: I observed EY Uma, M101, XX Cyg, and took some dome flats with the new setup Dr. Winkler installed.

It was a beautiful night, maybe the best observing conditions I’ve ever seen at our site.

The night started with an AST 104 field trip; the evening was warm enough (and moonlit enough) that I was able to go on a short hike in the middle of the night!

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